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At Salpasub we do not just sell scuba diving equipment. Our policy is to provide a complete range of products but also the continued after-sales support providing necessary servicing facilities, parts and technical expertise.


SalpaSub is a company in Malta that imports, distributes, manufactures and services scuba diving, technical diving and apnea equipment. Our brands include






Cressi sub


Roth Mions Cylinders


Mac diving knives


Doc's ProPlugs

Look Clear

Ocean Reef (G-Divers)



Ozone Rescue

Omega Flip-Fins




The diving equipment the you can buy through our scuba online shopping includes:
  • Beach items: goggles (also with optical lenses), masks, fins, ear protection, lycra suits and the now famous Lavacore thermal protection


  • Scuba Diving Equipment: BCs, wet suits, semi dry and dry suits, regulators, dive computers and watches, compasses and other instruments, masks (also with optical lenses), marker buoys, bags, booties, cylinders, and other accessories


  • Technical diving equipment: side mount, rebreathers, wings and accessories


  • Commercial diving products: full face masks, wireless underwater communication, lifting buoys


  • Diving Compressors: portable diving compressor with electric or petrol engines, filling stations, NITROX membrane systems, LP compressors for NITROX, chemicals, analysers, paintball and accessories


  • Scuba cylinders from 2.5l upto 18lt


  • Rescue items: life vests, helmets, thermal protection, etc.


  • Free Diving: made-to-measure camouflage suits, spear guns and accessories, carbon fibre fins, lines, shafts and accessories
Our product range is supported by the vast range of services we offer. Team members are trained to carry out the technical repairs and servicing on all of the equipment we sell. All scuba diving products are available for sale in Malta and you can shop online for scuba diving equipment on our pages.
SalpaSub is now famous for the made-to-measure wetsuits and dry-suits for students, instructors, commercial divers, and also government agencies like the Civil Protection, Red Cross, International Ocean Institute University of Malta, and Armed Forces of Malta. Fast deliveries, full customisation with a vast range of add-on accessories, together with our in-house facilities to repair diving suits makes it easy for divers to select from where to purchase their next suit!
We are also available and would be glad to offer our services and expertise to those who want to ask particularities about anything related to the underwater world, get information about any of the products and equipment we supply, or want to just have a chat and a coffee with us!
Make sure to add us to your Facebook likes and look out for our special offers and new products that will be posted on this page.  You can also find our diving stores in Malta on Google Maps! 

Dive Gear Product Overview:

Dive Computer by Oceanic: TheVTX O-LED diving computer
The future of personal dive computers powered by OLED color display and Bluetooth technology has arrived. Oceanic is proud to introduce the VTX. With an easy-to-use interface, amazing readability, powerful features, and simplicity at its core, VTX is the new benchmark for modern dive computer design.. Click here to read more.


SalpaSub is now distributing in Malta APNEA products, a turkish brand specialising in spearfishing equipment and free diving equipment: diving suits, knives, spearguns, low volume silicon masks, long blade fins also with carbon fiber blade and composite fiber blade, belts and other dive gear. For more information contact us on

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