Ocean Reef

Our over and underwater brand.
The underwater world must be made more and more accessible so to be a precious and favorable environment to mankind.

OCEAN REEF invents, designs and produces equipment to be fully at ease in discovering the underwater wonders.

The story of what is now the Ocean Reef Group begins with a simple passion for diving and innovative ideas. Mr. Gamberini owned a small tire repair shop for bicycles and cars, but in 1950, began to manufacture diving equipment. He also started to design and create molds to make diving mask straps, fins, and other diving products. Through dedication, persistence and hard work, Gamberini’s small shop achieved success and grew. 

Rubber and thermoplastic polymers became the signature of our work and the center of our business strategy, evolving our factories and expanding in markets overseas. 

Finally in the 90s we acquired an American company, California based and perfect to launch our expansion abroad as business continued to grow in the old continent. 

Almost 70 years after a start in a small shop, our history enumerates successes in the likes of the Hip Hop watch when it first was born, millions of fins and boots for the now largest manufacturers, boots for the Italian army, US military contracts, gas masks, a sold company that is the number one rubber strap supplier in the luxury watch market, developing game-changing products like the first full face snorkelling mask, amazing partnerships with successful companies in markets that range from military to medical, electronic and sport goods. 

Diversification of our product and project portfolio is in our history, present and DNA. 

Our boldness and the employees that empower this organization give us the edge in what we do – the family that is Ocean Reef Group stands together, successfully confronting the present and the future challenges that lie in front of us.

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