Ozone Rescue

Ozone Rescue is an Italian Company that manufactures safety and rescue equipment for over 20 years. In those days, the marine rescue concepts were not clearly understood, legislation was not that clear and material for in-water rescue operations was not specified.


The owner, Oscar Bolfelli, one of the first capable rescuer in Italy, decided to produce the best equipment specific to the marine rescue sector. Following various tests, and also thanks to the input of experienced clients, Ozone Rescue products have been perfected throughout the years.


The most important aspect of Ozone Rescue products is that each individual article is design based on the rescuer’s needs and requirements, and then produced exclusively using the best technology available.


Throughout the years, we have become the first choice for Fire Brigades, Civil Protection, Police Force, Red Cross, Coast Guard, Special Forces, Beach Rescuers and many other categories.

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