Xcel Wetsuits

Ed D’Ascoli founded Xcel in 1982, working from the bedroom of his Sunset Beach house. D’Ascoli found no shortage of inspiration from the world-class performances on display at his doorstep; and the opportunity to create and to connect high-performance products with the athletes who demanded them was irresistible. Xcel’s passionate focus on product development would become... Read more..

Liquid Patch

Liquid Patch is an innovative product in the European Market. It was shown for the first time in Dusseldorf at the "BOOT" trade fair in 2017. Its history, however, goes a bit further back, because in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia or Kazakhstan, innovation has been actively enlarge the group of satisfied consumers for 2 years. In the beginning the product brand build its position under... Read more..


GO ANYWHERE   ‘STAHLSAC’ MEANS STEEL BAG, AND THAT’S AS TOUGH AS IT GETS. BETTER, STRONGER AND MORE DURABLE Through uncompromising methods and unyielding resolve, for nearly 40 years, Stahlsac has been crafting the best adventure luggage for dive and watersports available. Our community of adventurers demand the best gear on the planet, to travel... Read more..


ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE IN ANY CONDITION   IN PURSUIT OF A STRONGER SOLUTION When our founder applied his passion for skydiving to his newfound fascination with scuba diving, he didn’t just set out to design better gear, he was impassioned to design gear better. He immediately attracted attention for his innovative BCD’s, and skydiving-inspired Ripcord... Read more..

Atomic Aquatics

BEFORE ATOMIC AQUATICS, THERE WAS NO ‘BEST’ IN SCUBA DIVING   SIMPLY THE BEST In the 20 years since our founding, Atomic Aquatics is now a FULL LINE manufacturer of products that are considered THE definitive leaders in each category. We did it one design at a time. One product at a time. One category at a time.   THE DESIGNS – THE... Read more..


HOLD YOUR BREATH Apnea was established in 1998 to become a leader in producing top quality spearguns, spearfishing and freediving equipment in Turkey. It is available in 18 European Countries including Malta as a recognized brand for high quality products at unbeatable prices. Read more..


KEEPS YOU BREATHING   Interspiro begain it’s existence as part of AGA – a multinational industrial group by Swedish Nobel laureate Gustaf Dalen. Today, it’s still a pioneer in cutting edge breathing solutions for use in all sorts of non-breathable environments such as Fire & Rescue, Military & Police, Shipping and also ndustrial & Maintenance... Read more..


Clinically proven to prevent water trapping in ears and to prevent water borne bacterial ear infections as well as protecting the ears from dirty pool water and reducing itchy and irritable ears and hearing loss after swimming.   EarolSwim® is clinically proven to prevent water trapping in the ears during and after water activities and water-borne bacterial ear... Read more..


Pikotech was born from the desire of two engineers fond of spearfishing, Alessandro and Filippo. Both of them with experience in design and with the will to create innovative, compact, efficient, very robust, user-friendly video devices, that are particularly suitable for spearfishing, which by the nature of the activity, puts to hard test every kind of equipment.   The two... Read more..


Innovation First   This is our mission. It isn't just a cool slogan or something an ad agency came up with. It's our heart and soul. It's the thread that runs through everything we do. It means that day in, day out, people are thinking, designing, building, and testing the products that make diving better. Our team doesn't just use our products; they feel... Read more..

Coltri compressors

Carlo and Giuseppe Coltri started manufacturing compressors in the late 1960s. Today, Aerotecnica Coltri Spa is one of the most important companies worldwide in the design and construction of high-pressure compressors for pure breathing air and technical gases. We started with high-pressure compressors to refill diving cylinders, as used in recreational and military applications.... Read more..


NO LIMIT   Hollis manufactures dependable and innovative technical diving equipment for your personal exploration needs.   We bring engineering experience to the industry, designing the highest quality diving equipment available. Built to accommodate the beginning sport diver to the exploratory technical diver, using the most cutting edge materials and... Read more..


It all started with Ike. Ike’s major business in the late 1950’s was painting appliances to match kitchen decor and refinishing furniture. The storefront attached to his workshop was empty and Ike wanted to fill that void. He knew of a guy who ran a dive shop out of his garage. Ike bought the shop’s name and inventory. Soon his passion for scuba diving... Read more..

Salvi Mar

OUR MOTIVATION – HAVE CUSTOMERS ENTHUSIASTIC OF OUR PRODUCTS!   Since 1962 this has been the driving force for improvement and innovation that has guided us, first as a supplier specialized in processing on behalf of third parties and since 2010 as a brand for spearfishermen all over the world.  A specially designed range of high quality products... Read more..

Ocean reef

UNDERWATER, NATURALLY   Our over and underwater brand. The underwater world must be made more and more accessible so to be a precious and favorable environment to mankind. OCEAN REEF invents, designs and produces equipment to be fully at ease in discovering the underwater wonders. The story of what is now the Ocean Reef Group begins with a simple passion... Read more..


In 2015 Salvimar created the Fluyd brand dedicated to freediving, triathlon, swimming and from now also to professional snorkelling. This new brand addresses the particular needs of theses high technical content sports. The high quality product range has been developed with the best technologies and the newest design studies with an eye for fashion.   Testimonials to this... Read more..


"You will never dive alone" The choice of such motto was made several years ago to identify the real company spirit, with this expression we want to put the added value that a dynamic company like Teknodiver can offer to its customers, into action. Our aim is to make you feel always “at the centre of our attention” with a service and a product that are... Read more..


Saplast is a company that deals with the manufacture of molds and plastic molding since 1957. The items produced cover a vast area of the industrial market including scuba diving, technical diving, spear fishing and commercial diving products.    For over 20 years Saplast, represented in Malta by SalpaSub, has produced underwater coating of the traditional lead weights... Read more..


WE’RE ISAW   Since our beginning in 2012, we’ve been designing and making action cameras for people to record and share their precious moments. Whether it’s an adrenaline fuelled action sports session or a memorable trip or event you never want to compromise between enjoying the present moment and recording it for later.   Understanding... Read more..

MAC Knives

MAC Coltellerie The handicraft activity that had developed in Maniago already in ancient times and had started to grow and develop in what today is a true and proper industry specialized in knives and cutting tools. It was in these surroundings that during the 1920's our business began, when Di Bon Giovanni, at that time 14 years old, started to work manufacturing... Read more..

Ermes Sub

Each product is 100% handcrafted in Italy!   Ermes Sub is born from the need to experience the sea in a free and adventurous manner, transforming ideas into real objects, with the best technological solutions applied to the sport that most fascinates us – spearfishing! Read more..


Whether you are diving, surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kite boarding, snorkeling, jet skiing, boating, sailing. Lavacore is the essential exposure protection needed to enhance your performance on, in or around the water. Because of Lavacore thermal and neutral buoyancy properties it is the ideal garment under a neoprene wetsuit for added insulation and warmth or as... Read more..

Look Clear

WE CARE.   CARE & MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS FOR WATER AND OUTDOOR SPORTS.   Look Clear® develops high quality chemical products 100% made in Italy, destined to the world of water and outdoor sports, especially swimming, diving, spearfishing & surfing, which have been specifically conceived to fulfil divers’ need of all experience levels and in... Read more..

Ozone rescue

Ozone Rescue is an Italian Company that manufactures safety and rescue equipment for over 20 years. In those days, the marine rescue concepts were not clearly understood, legislation was not that clear and material for in-water rescue operations was not specified.   The owner, Oscar Bolfelli, one of the first capable rescuer in Italy, decided to produce the best equipment... Read more..

Doc's proplugs

As the premiere water sport earplug designed and distributed by a surfing doctor, Doc’s Proplugs is committed to providing the best quality earplug for the ultimate ear protection for all water sport athletes. By spreading the importance of ear damage prevention our goal is to help people have fewer worries when doing the sport they love. The benefits of wearing Doc's... Read more..

Omega Aquatics

Omega Aquatics , Inc. is a US manufacturer of Flipfins®, patented and award winning fins for SCUBA diving, snorkeling, rescue and Special Forces operations, as well as float tube and pontoon fly fishing. Flipfins ® are the world's only fins that provide total mobility in and out of the water, now available in Malta! All models of Flipfins® are made in the USA and... Read more..