Look Clear




Look Clear® develops high quality chemical products 100% made in Italy, destined to the world of water and outdoor sports, especially swimming, diving, spearfishing & surfing, which have been specifically conceived to fulfil divers’ need of all experience levels and in all operating conditions of each activity.


We believe in the importance of a correct and constant maintenance of the equipment in order to allow everyone, from beginners to expers, to safely enjoy their aquatic passion. This principle has guided us towards the development of our product line and all R&D activities represent the pulsing heart of our Company.


Our goal is to reach a long-term sustainable growth and we are aware that, to be long-term competitive, it is necessary to anticipate, and to be open to changes, in order to be able to quickly develop a new strategy, since the inventiveness arises inside a change. In the name of a long-term sustainable growth, we have realised an innovative eco-friendly product line characterized by chemical products made with natural origin, ecologically and totally biodegradable raw materials, in order to favour a low environmental impact and to offer to the consumer a product that can be used safely, and that is efficient at the same time.




Look Clear® is proud to realise all production phases in Italy, while offering to its customers 100% Made in Italy products. The local implementation of the production allows a strict quality control at high standard levels since it is possible to follow and check personally and on  a daily basis the whole production process. Look Clear® plans and develops all products internally, taking advantage of the collaboration with internationally recognized laboratories and innovative production technology aiming at ecological proceedings.