MCH6 EM Electric motor portable compressor - Coltri

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Light and easy to handle, the Coltri MCH 6 breathing air compressor is technically advanced, but simple and economical to use. These features mean that you can use this motor driven MCH 6 diving compressor even in your own home. 


The MCH6 EM is Coltri Aerotechnica's smallest air compressor capable of 2.8 CFM (80 L/min). The combination of the proven four stage Coltri pump unit and single phase electric motor makes this a really versatile and portable breathing air compressor, a must for the recreational diver.


This compressor due to its size, its weight, its durability and low maintenance cost, and the budget is the first choice for yacht owners and can be easily installed on board of super yachts and boats.


The MCH6 is also well known in the fire fighting industry, being used on board of fuel carrying ships. The compressor deliveres air to the SCBA, breathing apparatus for fire fighting. Another application for this compressor is in the paintball parks, where compressed air in needed to fill the paintball gun reservoirs.

Charging rate: 80 L/min - 4,8 m³/h - 2,8 CFM
Filling time cylinder 10 L - 0-200 Bar: 25 min
Working pressure: 225 Bar / 3300 Psi
Driven by: Single-phase electric motor with centrifugal switch
Rpm pumping unit: 2240
Power: 2,2 Kw
Full load Amp: *14A (230V-50/60Hz) **29A (115V-60Hz)
Noise pressure: 81,7 dB
Number of stages and cylinders: 4
Lubricating oil capacity: 300 cc (0,3 L) / 10 FL. OZ.
Lubricant: Coltri Oil CE 750
Frame: Powder coated steel
Oil/mosture separator: After last stage with vortex generator
Filtration: Filter cartridge activated carbon and molecular sieve
Safety valve: On the separator housing 225-300-330 Bar
Interstage coolers and after coolers: Stainless steel
Suction filter: 2 micron paper
Breathing air: EN 12021 CGA E
Information for onboard use with electric generator:
Starting load ampere: *42 A **87 A
Generator power with starting (without pressure): 4 KVA 

Autostop, code:SC000521


Autodrain with timer, code:SC000522

Dimensions: height 35cm/13.7", width 65cm/25.5", depth 39cm/15.3"
Dry weight: 39,5 Kg / 87 lbs



Dimensions: height 45cm/17.7", width 65cm/25.5", depth 39cm/15.3"
Dry weight: 41 Kg / 90.3 lbs 


MCH6/EM - red 230V-50Hz - SC000120/R
MCH6/EM - blue 230V-50Hz - SC000120/B
MCH6/EM - black 230V-50Hz - SC000120/N
MCH6/EM - stainless steel 230V-50Hz - SC000120/I

MCH6/EM - red 230V-60Hz - SC000121/R
MCH6/EM - blue 230V-60Hz - SC000121/B
MCH6/EM - black 230V-60Hz - SC000121/N
MCH6/EM - stainless steel 230V-60Hz - SC000121/I

MCH6/EM - red 115V-60Hz - SC000122/R
MCH6/EM - blue 115V-60Hz - SC000122/B
MCH6/EM - black 115V-60Hz - SC000122/N
MCH6/EM - stainless steel 115V-60Hz - SC000122/I

MCH6/EM stainless steel with automated equipments - 230V-50Hz - SC000120/I + SC000521 + SC000522
MCH6/EM stainless steel with automated equipments - 230V-60Hz - SC000121/I + SC000521 + SC000522
MCH6/EM stainless steel with automated equipments - 115V-60Hz - SC000122/I + SC000521 + SC000522



MCH6 - use and maintenance manual