Look Clear - ScubaClean Disinfectant 1Ltr
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€ 22.00



ScubaClean has been specifically studied to clean and sanitize all diving wear and it is ideal for the disinfection of all wet suits, BCDs, rebreathers, gloves, boots and neoprene accessories, canisters, respiratory bags and corrugated.
Due to its microcellular structure, the neoprene allows liquids absorption and retention, therefore if a garment is not properly sanitized, it may become a vector of contamination of potentially pathogenic bacteria or fungi.
Thanks to its triple action Fungicide, Virucide and Bactericide, ScubaClean guarantees in a few minutes the total disinfection of your scuba diving gear, while removing unpleasant odours and giving back freshness to your diving wear.


Also available in bottles of 260ml and 5L, please send an e-mail to ask for the price.

- It is a surgical medical aid (Italian Health Min. Reg. N°12382)
- Triple action: Bactericide/Fungicide/Virucide (HBV/HIV)
- Disinfects, sanitizes and perfumes effectively all scuba gear
- Compatible with plastic, neoprene and metal

1. Fill a tank/bathtube or container with lukewarm water
2. Dilute the product with water to a concentration of 2%, i.e. 1L of
product = 50L of water
3. Unzip all zippers and submerge the garment in the solution
4. Soak 5 minutes then remove the garment
5. Rinse and air dry item before use


Storage: cap bottle tightly and store in a cool dry place.