Look Clear - Disinfectant Spray for Regulators
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€ 9.00



Convenient and high efficiency product, specifically formulated to disinfect and clean all types of regulators, mouthpieces, masks and snorkels, made of rubber, silicone or thermoplastic materials.
It is very important to properly disinfect your own regulator/snorkel carefully after each use, since the salive and mucous membranes are microorganisms’ carriers.

- It is a surgical medical aid (Italian Health Min. Reg. N°12382)
- Triple action: Bactericide/Fungicide/Virucide (HBV/HIV)
- Compatible with plastic and metal

1. Vaporize a small amount of the product
2. Let it act for 5 minutes
3. Rinse abundantly with running water at the end of the operation