Look Clear - Paraffin for Zippers
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€ 7.00



Protective lubricant suitable for all zippers, LubriWax is especially suitable for lubricating metal zippers on dry suits. If used properly, it maintains, protects and prolongs zipper life, since prevents zip- pers breaking or jamming.


If you have a damaged dry suit zip that needs replacement, SalpaSub can do it for you.... just email or call us!

- Avoids zippers jamming
- Contains no beeswax
- Non-toxic, non-staining 

1. Pass the stick on the closed zipper
2. Open and close zipper many times in order to distribute lubricant and obtain the maximum lubrication
3. Re-apply every 2/3 dives

Storage: store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight with a temperature of less than 30°C.