Tigullio - Hover Tech Plus
ITEM PRICE: € 350.00

€ 350.00



The scope of the pian was to realize a new professional sport product, highly technological that satisfies the requirements of that experts divers who wish to attempt in technical immersions (caves, wrecks, deepdives, eg). Compared to the common jacket for recreational sport use which has air volume for the 2/3 situated in front and in the low part of it, the Hover Tech Plus jacket has the entire air volume in the posterior bag guaranteeing great freedom of movement and large capacity of lifting necessary to manage and control particular dives as the technical immersions. The jacket has been realized usìng particular constructive ideas like the buckles in steel for fast regulations and special materials like aluminium.

Double Back Bag (Nylon 840 internal, cordura 1000 extemal)

Lift 30lt

Exhaust valves 2

D-Ring and Buckles aluminium and stainless steel

One - size fits all