Made to measure additional fee KEVLAR ADV
ITEM PRICE: € 110.00

€ 110.00



If you want something more than just a drysuit - made-to-measure is for you!


The made-to-measure production system allows you to obtain in a short time a model that follows harmoniously the shape of your body, for this reason the “Made-to-measure” service is addressed to the people who desire a made-to-measure product with the benefit of praticality and comfort. By accurately filling in the sizing form that you can download here, you will be able to send us the necessary information to realize your made-to-measure suit.


Start by selecting the model of the suit you would like to order and add the made-to-measure option to your order by following the link at the bottom of the description. You also need to send us the measure form downloadable from here.


Note that we also provide a lot of upgrades, modifications and custom made suits so let us know your requirement and we will see how we can help you.

This made-to-measure voucher is valid only for these models:


Dry Suit Kevlar ADV Man/Lady