Made to Measure Suits

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Made to measure diving suits ensure the best possible fit because everyone has a different body and a standard cut suit might not always work for everyone. Made to measure neoprene wetsuits give you the best fit for ultimate performance and comfort.

That’s why Salpasub is pleased to offer this large selection of made to measure suits, starting from wetsuits, suits for free diving (also camouflage), semidry suits and dry suits!

Wetsuit customization: To personalize a wetsuit means to create a model close to your requirements. Once you select the wetsuit of your choice we can also enhance it with an almost infinite catalogue of useful and practical accessories, pockets of various shapes and forms, latex wrists, D-ring attachments, Kevlar reinforcements, “comfort zips” and many other applicable solutions. Consult us to discuss your own personalization, we will be very glad to supply you with practical solutions to fit your requirements.

You cannot find exactly what you need? Email us, we can probably make it!
Here is a link to some of our diving suits.

An important step towards safety, protection and the safeguarding of the final user is certification of the product. Each suit produced is certified under CE directive EN 14225-2:2005 for dry suits and CE directive EN 14225-1:2005 for wetsuits. The Certification body, RINA (CE 0474), tests each model for functionality, stress-resistance of materials, heat loss and practical tests; the models that pass such tests are the most professional product you will be able to find on the market.

Our dive suits are chosen by chief agencies and companies that work in and underwater, proving the quality and excellence of our products. Our customers include:

Download the measurment form to order your suit now!

Diving Suit Repairs

Our custom-made diving suits and made-to-measure service are backed up by timely and efficient suit repair facility. We repair all makes and models. Repairs include zipper replacement, neoprene tears/slices, velcro repair, seam repair, seal repair, booties replacement, size alterations and more. Email us to book your suit repair now.

Frequently asked questions 

- Where are the wetsuits made?
The suits are handcrafted in Italy.
- How long does it take to manufacture a suit?
Lead times vary seasonally, but on average the suit will ship within 3-4 weeks
- I have a special request that is not covered online, can you help?
Sure! We make these dive suits by hand and almost anything is possible. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail with your requirements.
- Do I need a tailor to do the measurements?
We recommend it for best results. It is impossible to take the measurements yourself; your partner or friend may help you to take accurate measurements. Follow the diagram closely and if in doubt contact us for more detailed info. Please note: Taking good measurements is essential; we cannot be responsible for measurement errors.
- Alterations to diving suits: What if I lose / gain weight?
Alterations are possible in most cases; just contact us with a description of the alterations you need on you diving suit and we will get back to you with quotation or requesting more details.

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