MAC - 697 SOS 2 Rescue

MAC - 697 SOS 2 Rescue


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Foldable knife that can easily fit in most BCD pockets even the small ones. Knife blade is teflon coated (IDROGLIDER GOLD) which gives the blade a better protection. Front is a line cutter very useful and handy when quick action is needed!


Blade: stainless steel—W 1.4034
Hardness: 55-56HRC
Thickness: 2.5mm—0.098‘‘
Weight: 80g—2.82 oz
Blade coating: IDROGLIDER GOLD black
Handle material: Nylon reinforced with fiber glass, folding knife
Knife length: 18.5cm—7.28‘‘
Blade length: 7cm—2.75‘‘
Color: yellow or red

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